Anyone interested in writing an lcd plugin? I'm offering €100

Nothing is missing. Python 3.11 made one of the dependencies are deprecated (telnetlib) and Python 3.13 will drop it, so the plan to the future is to rewrite the code parts which will depending on it. But now, the easyest way to the release is to embed the whole library which i found in 3.10. The problem was one small part of it, which using one component from another system library, for auditing prupose which has been introduced in 3.8. I simply ignoring this part.

I have a plan to display even more information, and a UI to the settings page, to configure which information will be displayed on which line.

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Ah, I get it!
Sounds really cool with the option to be able to choose which info is displayed on the lcd. (Specially since I have four lines on my display.)
Please pm me your paypal email so I can pay you for your work as promised. I get my salary on Monday and will send you the cash then!