Black Pearl theme...?

Is anyone interested in a Black Pearl theme for OctoPrint? I've been thinking that this might be some awesome (to go with my LCD screen theme).

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The more themes the merrier IMO

Awe... it looks like someone created a Themeify plugin which reasonably does the same and includes customization on its Settings panel.

Backing up then, I forked Themeify, applied it to my printer and then adjusted the background graphic for the temperature graph. I'll add back in my other tweaks from earlier when I get a chance but it's running now on my printer and looks pretty decent.

Yeah, the Themify plugin is a great one. You might consider a pull request back to the original repo to get your set-up incorporated as a theme.

Yeppers. (I'll first try to resolve the serving of the image from the local install versus the hacky way now that I'm pulling it from the github repository.)

You could just do it without the image, and use my CustomBackground plugin to let the user apply their own image. That's actually how I use Themify now.

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Oh, wow. I'll have to check that out (thanks). :sunglasses:

I had to install octoprint again and I can not find the plug in a dark way, as they have it
Could you send the plug link?
Thank you very much in advance

Hi @xuwaca!
Try Themeify. Was mentioned in the 3rd post.

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