Camera question for the group

Hey All
I have nothing broken. just a question and discussion

When I google what is the best camera for Octo Print the C270 comes up a lot.
I have several of them.
It was very laggy, it still can be but it is better.
While playing with setting I noticed that the c270 is marked in the [ /root/bin/webcamd ] as having issues and settings in the [ /boot/octopi.txt ] are ignored. IE camera_usb_options="-r 640x480 -f 10 -q 0"

So I unlisted it in the /root/bin/webcamd and was now able to use the setting above in the /boot/octopi.tx. I found out it does not like -f 5 but -f10 works. as far as I can tell :slight_smile: It reports it working at that. -f 5 give an error

Any ways why would they rate the C270 as one of the best cameras to use with Octo Print when it is kinda black listed ?.

And then what is a good inexpensive camera with minimal lag ??
Or did I miss some setting ?
My Ender and OctiPi are on wifi. I doubt that is it but might run a cat cable to it IDK :slight_smile:

Or is it just normal to vary between 1 - 30 seconds of lag ?



Have you checked where this recommendations for the C270 came from?

Most of Logitech's cameras will work. I just purchased this one. I also have a plain 505 and a C525.

What system are you running OctoPrint on? If it is a Raspberry Pi, then one of their cameras is also a possibility. You should still be able to get a V2 camera module.

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The internet via Google :slight_smile:

Thanks @b-morgan I will look at those

Personally I had a couple of Logitech's sitting around here, a C920 & C922.

Both worked straight up, but in 640x480, which was easily bumped up to 1920x1080 @ 30fps.

Not sure it that creates extra CPU burdon, but do have a spare Pi & would be interested on the opinions regarding Hosting my two cameras on that.

As in the C922 & a USB inspection cam I also have.

I run 3 C270 but all are wired with cat 5 cable. All work fine.

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Now I'm curious: USB cams over an Ethernet cable?

Not sure why but my C270 is very lagy.
camera_usb_options="-r 640x480 -f 10 -q 0
However I am over Wifi, I dont thing that would be it, and top shows the CPU is less then 10%

Oh no, the Ras Pi are connected with Cat 5. USB for the caneras.

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Hi Phil
I wonder if you can help me?
I have a Pi 4+ running Octopi / Octoprint and with a ras pi camera connected directly to the board. I would like to do as you mentioned running the USB an Pi Cam at the same time. Did you manage to do this and if so how??
Any help would be appreciated. thanks

No Pi Camera,

My Pi4 has a Logitech C922 and a USB inspection cam attached.
I followed the guide here Setting up multiple webcams in OctoPi the right way - Get Help / Guides - OctoPrint Community Forum.

I did have a few stumbles, but that was just me doing external edits & getting caught by file permissions.