Can Octoprint be compiled?

Has anybody tried and succeeded at compiling Octoprint ? (Pypy or similar?) It seems to take a lot of cpu load. I might try it, but I have used very little Python.

My printer started generating excessive blobs after starting with Octoprint, and I don't know if it's a Pi bottleneck or my printer. Unfortuntely, the printer is not open source, so I wold have to replace the board to try things there.


Unless you are running a whole lot of plugins, OctoPrint shouldn't take a lot of cpu load. Python is not the problem here. With excessive blobbing while printing via USB, the serial protocol is a much more likely culprit, and the subject of many debates.

Pretty sure it's a printer bottleneck - as long as you don't get transmission errors.
Increase the buffers in the firmware and/or use arc welder (either in your slice or in octoprint) to avoid these issues.

I have read (a long time ago) that it is possible to use PyPy to run OctoPrint, but I'm not sure if that's still relevant or not. It's definitely not a 'supported' way of doing it but that doesn't stop you from trying.

I will see if I can increase the buffers, if it does not require recompile. (As I said, it's not open source.)

I have always used Arcwelder, through Cura.

What printer and Pi are you using?

It is a Lotmaxx SC-10 Shark. IIRC, Marlin is the firmware, but it's not a 2.x version, and they have not disclosed the source.

I have tried an RPi 3b and Rpi 4 with 4gb ram. both throttle the speed, with heat sinks but not fans.

What sort of enclosure/case do you use? A heat sink does not do much good in the long run if there is no airflow. Fixing that throttling is a much more worthwhile endeavor than trying to work around it in software.

Just open air, then I tried an aluminum case that had a heat sink built in.

It shouldn't throttle if the program isn't a heavy load.

Have you used a plugin like Resource Monitor to track the temperatures and resource usage? Running something like htop on the command line would verify it is actually OctoPrint using all the CPU, not the webcam streaming for example. On an RPi 4 OctoPrint really shouldn't be causing it to throttle. Run in safe mode/without plugins as well.

I actually had to remove the camera and run exclusively in safe mode, and even then both the pi3 and pi4 throttled.

In that case, could you please share the systeminfo bundle s?

I would be interested to know what the actual CPU usage of OctoPrint is looking like. High CPU on a Pi 4 suggests something might be broken (in a loop or something).

If you used the aluminum case and we're still getting throttled, it's not a heat issue, it's a power issue. Without the system info bundle we can't really help. What power supply are you using for the pi? Guarantee it's being throttled due to low voltage. Have you taped the + pin of the USB to the printer?

The key word there is "throttled". You have guaranteed problems. Tell us about how you are powering your Pi.