Combined Temperature and Control Tab


I just pushed a version update to 0.1.2 that should help with the tab order issue. Once upgraded you unfortunately must put plugin_consolidate_temp_control as the first tab until I'm able to resolve binding issues some other way. Let me know how it works for you guys.


The update fixed it!!!! Thank you for your time and effort. I'll let you know if I break it again. I'll be ready to test the next update.

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So I'm not sure if this is happening for you guys, but I just noticed that the GCode viewer tab may be broken with this plugin. I personally never use it myself and usually turn it off completely so it doesn't load at all, but can you guys let me know if it's a problem for you too while printing? It may have just been because I had an extremely large print loaded.

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Nevermind, it was because of the size of the gcode file, it took a while to initialize but looks like it finally started up.

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I was talking about the Tab Order Plugin, I deleted the settings I had then saved it. it removed what I had set up and it started working right.....


It work fine for me no problems here I'm printing at 150mm/s no issues......

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Version 0.1.2 looks great!

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Tab Order works!
Command & Control in the first tab, other tabs ordered in personal order


Well Done!!!!!!! talk about balanced out looking!!!!


LOL This even fixed my TouchUi layout!!!!!! No more squished screen!!!!

Well I spoke to soon...… missing tabs in TouchUi now and won't fit the screen.....


Well I am still using this and seem to NOT be any problems with it.... other than TouchUi I had to disable it tho….. I have Chromium Browser on the RPI with my RPI 7in Touch Screen and it is working with it too. GREAT Plugin, Love it!!!!!!!


Thanks. I meant to check touch ui compatibility, just haven't gotten around to it. I'll see if I can adjust for that.

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Hello jneillii, I was wondering if there is any update on this great plugin on the touch ui compatibility part?
Thanks Craig H


Sorry @Warchildz, haven't really had a chance yet.


TouchUI friendly version available for testing. Install using the url below in plugin manager and please report back if it is working for you. I ended up changing the logic of how the temp and control tab content is embedded in the consolidated tab and as a result the tab can now be moved around within the order as well I think. Needs more testing/verification. From what I've tested it appears to be working on my laptop with TouchUI enabled.

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it would be nice to have the temp graph to have 2 more modes.. 1 . slides into the sidebar at the top as a smalelr version with buttons below for the three modes.. and 2. additional mode wehre temps show as a thermometer style with a slider for setting temps and a fill bar showing actual temp ..and buttons below it for the presets.. presets should default to heating both bed and end.. but configurable to select one or another with dropdown arrow.. .. so you jsut see pla abs petg and click and both heat but eachahs a drop arrow for jsut bed or just noz

one thermometer per hotend and per bed..
(or per thermistor configured!!)


Hello jneilliii, I signed up just to be able to thank you for this great plug-in. I have wanted to combine these tabs for a long time. I just didn't know how to do it. Thank-you so much for providing this.


Thanks. I'm sure it's buggy so if you run into any issues please post on the issue tracker of the repository.

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With which version of OctoPrint? The one that implemented the force login?