Explain what Octoprint is

There is nothing on the website, at least that I can find, which explains what Octoprint is or does at a high level. There are various snippets to introduce features, which helps, but I can't find anything that says what the overall point is. I'm sure it is obvious if you already know what's going on or if you have experience with this hobby. For beginners, it is slightly confusing.

It's like a website explaining how tires and turn signals work. If you don't already know that cars allow people to get groceries, the functionality of a tire is doesn't make much sense.

A few sentences about where Octoprint should be used in the overall process would allow the uninitiated to engage with the software.

What do you consider to be a high level? There is a description of features on the first page of octoprint.org. If you want a high level, you can just follow the link to the github and look at all the source.

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The snappy web interface for your 3D printer.

This seems pretty "high level" to me.

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