Is there anything that will let me do remote shutdown of Octopi?


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On the menu bar at the top you can reboot octoprint, reboot the system and shutdown the system


Thanks for the reply!
I knew that, though -- I was meaning how to do it without being at a computer (using a hardware button connected to Raspberry Pi, or from a smart phone. Octoprint Anywhere doesn't support shutdown I requested it, but it was not added). I want to do shutdown without running up and down stairs from the computer to do the software shutdown and then to the printer for a power disconnect to avoid SDCard corruption.
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You can load the web interface on your smartphone and use the same menu option to shutdown octoprint or the pi.


Thanks, yes that works (at least it does now with my phone that has a larger screen!).


Hi @bwaslo!

You also can add the Touch UI plugin to make things more comfortable on a smart phone.

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I use Printoid on my smart phone which allows me to shutdown from anywhere