More manipulation of OctoPrint's anonymous usage stats

Keep fighting the good fight!

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This kind of behaviour is really annoying. We all stand behind you, Gina. I have raised my level a bit on Patreon. Thank you for your hard work.

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What happened is unacceptable, shame on you, Ubico and Octoeverywhere! It is not ethically correct for commercial software to profit from free and open source projects by exploiting tricks like these.
All my solidarity goes to Gina, and I can't help but contribute with a donation on GitHub.

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Wow - no words. Super deceiving . I will be avoiding both of these services.

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As a founding support of OE, an entrepreneur, and a business person starting a new 3d printing company with a pending Octoprint plugin --- I find this absolutely gross.

I'm going to DM Quinn now and ask him to remove my name from his website.

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I'm so sorry to hear about these instances of people purposefully manipulating things to their advantage. As a now-retired programmer/analyst/systems programmer I understand the extreme frustration you are feeling and know the feelings of sometimes just wanting to dump a project because of it.

I for one find Octoprint useful for me along with the bed mesh visualizer. I currently run it on a modified Chromebook (mrchromebox firmware, full Fedora workstation 40 running from a MicroSD card) connected to a recently acquired Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo. The instructions provided in the discussions made it a simple thing to do - once I understood the syntax in some Linux files.


I can't in good faith support Obico any longer after this, they lost my trust for good, I cancelled my subscription today and let them know why.

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For all of us who take ethics seriously, thank you Gina for always doing the right thing, it means a lot.

I suspect that these devs will have a lot of time on their hands to reflect on their actions, or lack thereof.
I'll stop there, but know that you have 110% support on your response, masterful!

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You know? i was actually subbing to one of these. im cancelling it. and removing the software, id suggest we all do the same and just learn how to set up the ability to log into your home network with NOT these two apps. sad...

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Jrdiver while in some ways I agree with you, I prefer to think of it in a different way.
Try this way for size... I believe in some ways it is more true, and it is certainly more agreeable as how to think of it.
This is how and why we have good things: because people like Gina exist.

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These last couple posts have been impressive, well-reasoned responses to bad actors. I've only been using OctoPrint for the past month or so but its tooling and plugins have drastically increased and improved my printer use. This is the kind of transparent development I am happy to support. Hope you continue to create high quality software!


Gina & OctoPrint - I just wanted to add my voice to this {insert term here: debacle, mess, drama, incident, cluster-f,…}

I have been following this event as it has played out, and I just want to add my two cents worth, for what that may be worth. (2 cents?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I am just a semi-novice 3D Printer dad. I purchased a MK3 kit to build with my 15 y/o son. We did (build it) and then added “stuff”. A Raspberry Pi 4 and Octoprint being the main attraction.

Gina, I want you to know how important, formative, integral and influential OctoPrint has been. Your bits(raw code), packaging (git), UI (including plugins), webfront, blog, forum, On-Air episodes (All of them) and you, personally, have been to him & I.

We have leveraged you and the Octoprint community countless times. I have been able to show my son, with clear real-world examples (you) how open source works and why it is so amazing of a concept.

Your ethics, commitment, passion and dedication cannot help but to shine from every portion of all that is Octoprint.

I cannot convey, in just words how much you have impacted my son and I. Now do some basic multiplication… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was at first disheartened when news of OE broke.

I was enraged when news of Obico broke.

I was not able to purge all of those bits, cookies, cached web pages, logs, accounts and anything else tied to them fast enough. Our only message to both was “you screwed the pooch”.

So, to you Gina, my son and I offer our full support, whatever direction/path you may take. You matter, your work matters and you have made a difference that so many will confirm, we are sure.

We will continue to support you and increase as we can, when we can.

Thank you!


Thank you for all you do Gina.

I’ve also dropped my OctoEverywhere supporter status and I tried to spark a conversation about it in the OE Discord. I can’t fathom a legitimate reason Quinn is protecting an anonymous user with his name and reputation. This comes off as “uhhh he did it” and “trust me bro” rather than at least owning it like Kenneth did.

Sorry this happened Gina. Least I can do is refocus my support to someone who deserves it.