Mutliple Webcams

I'm trying to set up a USB webcam alongside the internal PiCam. Trying to understand the plumbing on the webcam interface to octoprint so I can setup the software to use multicam plugin, I'm assuming I need to set up a 2nd stream and point multicam to it. so my question is what/where is a good reference to the underlying software or configuration to enable this.

I've looked at motion, and some other capabilities but they aren't specific to Octoprint - it's more generic "how to set up a webcam" - but it's only one.

any advise or tips?

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Hi @Richard_Riffel,

I am also using a PiCam and an USB Cam (Endoscope), so I wrote a small summary of a linked forum-article:

You should read the full's long, but valuable:

Setting up multiple webcams in OctoPi the right way

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