New release: 1.3.10


It really makes me angry at foosel. Also for not responding to complaints about changes. She has a certain responsability which goes further than happy users.
It is not about a simple setting or the notification itself, which can be simply removed, it is about imposing something.

If Octoprint is taking this direction we should all walk away. Open source should be free and open!


First: OctoPrint still is free and open
Second: The printer Safety Check was introduced in V1.3.7 . Not just with the last version.
Third: The changes are documented. You can have a look to this before you install a new version.
Fourth: Using this forum you are at the very front to participate the development of Octoprint and the plugins by testing release candidates. @foosel communicates here and needs echoing of the users. (BTW: you also can do this on github too).


There's free-as-in-beer and then there's free-as-in-speech. It appears to be both in this case.

Personally, I'm delighted that the repository is publicly available so that I can use it to deep-dive into it to find the answers to people's questions. I'm old enough to have used an original IBM PC and there was nothing open about it.

She's been on a vacation but should return soon enough, for what it's worth.

Foosel—at her own cost—created several websites to support this software. We're on one of them now and she probably pays a fair price for Discourse. Again, I'm glad I have a place where I might discuss things. The Robo 3D forum where I first got started, is overrun by power-hungry jerks; if you don't agree with their opinion on a subject, you're banned. I'm not kidding.


Is there any way to check if my installed plugins will work? Or would I need to try and check?


Use something like ApplePi-Baker to create a backup (as an IMG file). Then do the upgrade, try it out with your plugins.

You can always use that IMG file with Etcher to start over.


I do respond. But I also need time off occasionally. I'm a human being.

Yep. For example alerting OctoPrint's users about certain safety issues that their printers are known to have, to avoid stuff going up in flames as has happened before repeatedly. If you are of the opinion that you are receiving such a warning in error - just disable the plugin as the FAQ entry the warning links you to even tells you to. Simple as that.

An opt-in for such warnings doesn't work for the majority of users because in order to know that you should enable something like this you first would need to know there's a risk - and how many people are completely unaware of this is visible in the amount of smoked bed connectors we see on Reddit and Facebook, and the widespread use of stock ANET A8s. In case of safety warnings, opt-out is the way to go. And again, how to opt-out is explained in the FAQ entry linked right in the warning.

I'm not going to risk OctoPrint's user's safety running any of the affected printers just because some power users feel like that warning doesn't affect them because they know what they are doing and feel stepped on their toes by it. Just disable the safety check, be glad you know what you are doing and don't have to worry about things like that and hope that others not in that happy position will head the warning instead of causing yet another printer fire.

You don't have to pay to use or download the software. It's free. You have full access to the software's source and can modify it to your heart's content under terms of the AGPL. It's open. Stop spreading FUD.

If you don't agree with the way I'm handling this project and my decisions relating to it, by all means stop supporting my work. But understand that I will do anything that I can to notify users about a potential safety risk if I'm aware of it. I won't artificially restrict functionality in any way, but I will display warnings in such cases. Not doing it would simply weigh heavily on my conscience if something were to happen, and I do want to be able to sleep at night and not have to worry about that on top of everything else involving this project I already am worrying about.

Also: Happy New Year to you too.


It's all fun and games until the headlines say "octoprint burned a geek's house down".


Can I just say it is great to have you back?


Exactly. Getting blamed for people throwing all caution into the wind and putting their instances on the public internet against any and all advice is bad enough.

You can :blush:


It is great to have you back


Hm i think she gets it for free because it is an open source project.
Discourse supports open source communities. They get normally an instance hosted for free when they met the requestments.


Hi just wanted to thank you for Octoprint.
Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful software. I use it a lot and I'm so pleased with it.
I guess there is a tendency to only post when there are problems but I honestly haven't had any.
I work as a software developer and I wish most commercial software was this bug free.

Happy new year !


AFAIK, she actually has to pay...


@fieldOfView @Tailslide

Thanks :slight_smile:

@danielkrah @OutsourcedGuru @Ewald_Ikemann

So far I didn't have to pay. However, this forum's activity now is way way past the free tier and I've already been contacted by the discourse people to either switch to their business plan or to another host. So... a move to self hosting will happen soon. Thankfully I found two admins to help me :heart: because the whole point of going managed hosting was to avoid the additional overhead of server administration on top of everything else.


To be honest, a lot of the support seems to be unrelated to OctoPrint/OctoPi. It's basic and even advanced networking* and IoT education. And then again, you get a fair number of people who are desperate for ANY sort of support for their poorly-documented printer and they bring that here. Webcams—again not OctoPrint—take up another slice of help requests. And then anyone with a plugin issue—not your software—come here first as well.

What remains is a small subset of the whole, actual people who either have an OctoPrint problem or concern or perhaps they're excited and they want to tweak things to make their setup better.

I'd love to have a pie chart of the support tickets by category. I bet only 30% or less are actually OctoPrint-related.

* Advanced networking:

10.0.0.x/24 is an invalid network, btw. I think I've seen two users here now with this issued at their router and it's just wrong. (You have to throw away 10.0.0.x/24 and 10.255.255.x/24 as unusable.) The first usable /24 range technically is 10.0.1.x/24 and even I.T. professionals will argue this point with you.


Related or not, it's been a fantastic place for giving support and having discussion here instead of in github issues.


Totally. Before, I simply wouldn't have created a conversational Issue to discuss something. There were already plenty of issues and I didn't want to make matters worse.


Couldn't agree more. I stopped updating because of this. My printers still work just as well as they have for the last ~7 years.


Yep! You are always welcome to leave. It's the internet, after all.

On the other hand you also have a right to vanish. If you're offended by things like OctoPrint being nervous about internet-wide hacking and/or burning down your house, nothing prevents you from vanishing without announcement.


those crying power users could just flash a safe firmware.

u should blame the manufacturer and not octoprint.

go on crealitys github/product ratings and demand a new board with a safe firmware.