Octoprint for Bambu Lab A1 support available?

jneilliii, please tell me which ports are used to connect to the printer? I only know about 990 for ftp connection

That and 1883 for mqtt.

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It sounds like octoprint is what I have been looking for. Can someone please confirm what it can do before I follow the white rabbit.

I have a Bambu labs X1C I want to be able to que up prints. and reorder them to finish at a good time to change bed. with a simple interface to tell a non tech person how to change the bed.

My understanding is octoprint can do that. Lots of plug ins that do lots of other things.
if it can do that, can someone point me in the right direction to get started with octoprint. The links I have found so far are about an issue and missing the info to get started.

thanks for any comments.

The plugin I've been working on will allow for controlling and monitoring prints from OctoPrint but I'm not sure if any of the plugins that would do queue management would work in conjunction with it because it emulates an SD card. If continuous print plugin (for example) works with SD card files then it would be technically possible to achieve the queueing.

On a side note, I know the Simply Print guys are currently in round 2 of beta testing Bambu integration and they also have print queueing in their solution. May be a possible alternative.

thank you. that is the type of comment I had hoped. I will check out simply print.

Sure it can. Continues printing: I use it 24/7 on my snapmaker. After printing the print head do a cleaning print bed move (push the object with print head) and start the next (same) print.

Been using this for the last week or so on my p1p, and I'm quite impressed. Everything works pretty smoothly (once I figured out the serial number in the setup was ACTUALLY the serial number, and not number that Orca slicer identifies the printer as), and even got the camera working well with go2rtc-bambu which transcodes the funky jpegs into a stream.

If I can put out a wish list for additional things, it would be:

  • Be able to pull the gcode for the target print back into octoprint via ftps so that anything that does gcode analysis will work properly (print time genius, preheat button, gcode viewer, etc.
  • Able to access machine generated timelapse files on the printer (/timelapse on the SD card)
  • ... Really I think that's about it. Everything else just seems to work.

Anyway, fantastic work and thanks.