Octoprint on PocketBeagle

the brilliance of the Beagle is in the upcoming Revolve, basically an all-in-one Replicape. The Beagle has the PRUs, so it can directly drive a 3D printer the way that a Pi can't.

I think it'll be underpowered for running both printer firmware and Octoprint- even the best only has 1/2gb ram- but there are some interesting things that might be possible with a smarter controller and Octoprint.

Sigh, so. Octoprint doesn't run with "admin rights" correct? Therefore how do I get it to autostart on Debian Stretch (for beagle bone)? What's the technique? On RPI I've read that it installs so that it autostarts automatically, but what do the other platforms do.

you copy scripts/octoprint.init ( https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/blob/8ce2290d63ed395ef1b1caa74537a517eac9efb2/scripts/octoprint.init ) into your init scripts dir ( /etc/init.d/octoprint ) and configure autostart like any other daemon

In Rapbian/Debian, that gpu_mem setting in config.txt determines how much of the available RAM memory is shared with the GPU. The default is possibly 128, I think. Subtract this from 512 and this is what your CPU will have to do its work. Check the specs but I think that 64 is the lowest value they'll let you set on that, leaving the maximum for the CPU.