Octoprint + Raspbian 64 Bit Kernel?

Hello everybody!!

Curious if anyone has tried Octoprint with the new Raspbian 64bit kernel?


Still 32bit userland so no changes there and I doubt issues for Octoprint, but wondering if the kernel presents any issues with building it.



Thx for the link. I'll test it soon :slight_smile:

Just installed it.
Everything seems to work but I havn't printed yet.

I run my own raspbian and not the octopi image so I can't guarantee you that it's working as well.
Just backup your sd card before testing :wink:

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Very nice. Yeah ive done my own raspbian before, but with my newer ender 3 I just used octopi. I was hoping that it helps the system keep cooler and more efficient.

Just a quick update.
Printed a few parts and had the raspberry running over night. Seems to be stable :slight_smile:

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I would think that you might get it to break if you installed something that uses the fpectl floating-point exception code like (probably) numpy, scipy and such. (It might be necessary to build-from-source, having to adjust some of the compilation options perhaps.)