OctoVox Plugin for Alexa

Hi, seems to be a very great job !
But i cannot try it until i m in France... Hope you ll translate it soon in french.
Do you have a date (approximativly) for this ?
Thank you.

@GabmaxXx, I'm pushing hard to get this in both Google and Alexa in French, German, and Italian this weekend, but I'm not sure what the Google/Amazon review teams hours are.

At the very latest it should be mid next-week (Oct 7-10).

Hi there !
Still in progress ?


Unfortunately yes I'm still (sort of) working on this. I have all of the configurations for French and Italian completed for both Google and Alexa, but I overlooked needing translations for the store entries as well as individually translated Privacy Policies and Terms of Use documents for each language.

I'm putting those together and should be able to submit for review very early next week as I'll be out of town for the next few days.

This is definitely a priority and I apologize for the delays!!

You don't have to apologize !!! It's marvellous you can developp this so we don't have to be exigeant !!
Thank you for your hard work :wink:


Gran trabajo el tuyo, pero... para español también seria interesante.

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Hi Johnny,
Still working on french development ?
Hope to see it in next days.... Thank you :wink:

Hi. Account authorisation/linking is failing in the UK, both via Alexa app or via the plugin. Is this because the linking is going via a US auth site?

Any chance this skill could be published on amazon.es, even if it is in English? I tried to activate it but os is only registered for amazon.com and doesn’t show on .es :pensive:

Hello, do you know when the French version of octovox will be available on Amazon skills? Thank you

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@johnnyruz, this plugin is amazing. Easy to setup! Having Alexa integration was on my short list of things to upgrade. I am curious if it can also push a notification as an announcement to my echos when a print is finished. Something along the lines of "Your 3D Printer has finished "filename" in "xxx" minutes with/without any issues. On the flipside it would also be great if a print detected as failed also sent an announcement.

Still no update for italian?

You might give me the google assistant action for me to submit it in French server?

Fantasic skill! Thanks for your skill here :wink: Works like a charm in german.

"Printers are automatically removed from database if they have not reported status in the last 10 days"

10 day is really fast. Couldn´t it be more? 30 maybe? - I (and many others maybe) don´t print all day...
This is also because of holiydays or annual leave....


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so..nothing for italy?....

thanks...but not now in the list of italian skill