Plugin to Delete File After Print?


... and was just merged:

(the broken image in this preview is my fault - need to fix something in the plugin repo code there)


ATTENTION: It looks like there is a Problem with the Update of the StateBar. Sometime it works, sometimes not!

First impression: It is a "Event-Ordering" problem:

  1. Event: Print done -> the plugin delete the file
  2. Event: MetaDataStatisticUpdate -> BOOOMM, file is gone!

Is there a documentation of the event-ordering?

I will investigate this problem further.



I did a lot of testing and found an other issue:

Unselecting of a file could only be done, if the printer is in state "Operational". Sometimes the printer is fast, sometimes slow.
If you call printer.unselect_file nothing is happend, no logging, no exception..ggrrrrr....

Any way, both issues were SOLVED!

Please test the new Release 1.0.2



So far, everything seems to be working great! The DeleteAfterDays option... does that delete ALL files after a certain number of days?

Anyway... THANK YOU!


@rebeltaz Yes, if you change the dayLimit (>0) and reload the page, ALL files that were in the "limit" will be deleted without confirmation!
That's the current implementation.

I am planning to change this behaviour in the near future (see At the moment I do some research how to implement.