Power loss/disconnect recovery plugin - testers wanted

Want to try out power loss/printer disconnect recovery in OctoPrint? Pablo wrote a plugin a number of years ago and I have updated it recently. Really looking for feedback at this point. You can read about it here: GitHub - pablogventura/OctoPrint-PowerFailure

and you can install from Plugin Manager->Get More->URL: https://github.com/pablogventura/OctoPrint-PowerFailure/archive/refs/heads/master.zip

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I'll give it a try. Curious how this works if both the printer and the pi lose power at the same time.

The biggest issue is likely to be the Z axis sagging. I'm planning on trying to add in a Z-max homing routine at some point that might address that in some cases.

My OctoPrint keeps disconnecting, as my Enders seems to react badly with something electrical in its environment and breaks the link. This is annoying as a day long print can be broken in a second. I was advised that your plugin might help.

After the Enders disconnects, the head stays in the exact place on the print where it disconnected.

I restarted the PI in order to trigger your plugin.

It then gave the me option to continue, which was a great step! However, on reconnection, the head raised by about 10mm. Therefore it did continue to print, but printed into thin air.

So this was almost a success, but not quite.

I wish you luck in getting it all working!

OctoPrint 1.8.6
Python 3.7.3
Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Linux 5.10.103-v7l+ #1529 SMP Tue Mar 8 12:24:00 GMT 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux
Firmware: Ender-3 V2 Neo-Marlin2.0.8.3-HW-V4.2.2-SW-V1.1.4-CR-Touch

You must configure the plugin for your specific printer.
This is described in the Configuration section of the README, and similar information in the tooltip in the plugin settings:

Also, you do not need to restart the Pi to trigger the plugin. Simply reconnect the printer in OctoPrint. That will generate the recovery file. If you have Automatically restart selected, the printer will begin immediately.

The plugin does work!

Alright folks-- I have OctoPrint on a ~10 yr old iMac running Linux Mint, connected to my Ender 3 with USB. I was ~6 hours into a print (a filament spool holder) and the computer locked up mid print! Remote Browser quit, local browser and entire Mint UI locked up too.
Somewhat concerning, The printer was sitting mid print, with a hot nozzle over a part leaking. I made note of the Z height 91.4mm unplugged the USB to the printer would respond, then moved the hot nozzle away from the print. I took a pair of diagonal cutters and snipped off the blob of plastic that had leaked out.
I hard rebooted the PC (cough Mac), Octoprint came back up, I opened the browser and saw a new job, recovery_Both_Filament_Spool_Holder.gcode, 2.6MB, (original was ~10MB). Not quite sure how to respond, I clicked the load and print.
After warming everything up again, it first started with a ~5mm zhop or something and started printing waaaay too high. I quickly dialed in the zhop baby step and print resumed.. Fortunately, my print was simple enough and in a place where adding or losing a few layers (even a few mm) wouldn't have mattered much. I did knock one piece off, but was able to hit it with a bic lighter and stick it back down.

As I typed this, I realize it was from LAST January, so sorry about the necropost, but I'd say the feature worked and saved this job!
Also, a PSA, when slicing an object in Cura for octoprint, don't use the convenience STL, use the individual ones, in case you have to cancel an individual part of a project.