Print from SD on 32Bit Controllers

I am using the new BigTreeTech SKR 1.3 on my Anet A8. As a result I think it has a much faster ability to upload to SD cards.
Questions: How do I transfer a file that was uploaded to OctoPrint to the SD card? Once I start a Print from SD card, will OctoPrint be able to monitor the print time remaining and other stuff as usual?
Will Ocoprint be able to pause and cancel like normal? In otherwords, will everything continue to operate as normal if printing from SD card.

I know that printing from SD was not preferred before; because it was slow. Now with 32bit controllers, I wonder if it is feasible again.

I also have this question. Did you find an answer?

This might help help you :slight_smile:

Is there a way to connect to the SKR E3 mini v1.2 SD card THROUGH the Octoprint/raspberry pi

I sort of found an answer. I was able to mount the sd card in debian, transfer the files then unmount. However this method only worked for my SKR 1.3, not the SKR Pro, so I abandoned it.