Printerprofiles: Update/Delete not working

How is your Pi connected? Wifi? Wired?

That error looks like something is going severely wrong with the server response in transit. OctoPrint will return an HTTP 200 OK with a JSON body on profile modification, and a HTTP 204 No Content with an empty body on profile deletion. Both are perfectly valid and standard compliant HTTP responses.

I also just tested this... fresh install, created a bunch of new profiles, edited one, deleted another, reset the default profile and so on:


All working as expected, so whatever it is, it is something in your environment, though I'm currently at a loss as to what. If you are connected via wifi I'd suggest to check via a wired connection. Next step would be to deploy something like wireshark or tcpdump or Charles Proxy to get an idea of what's actually going over the line...

What's with the octopi3.lan top level domain? If it were me, I'd try octopi3.local instead. As I recall from my Microsoft I.T. days, .lan was for NETBIOS domains issued by a primary domain controller in the Windows world. I may have this wrong but it's possible things are trying to use the wrong transports.

So what should I try?
I was accessing Octoprint via IP address in the browser.

Try another browser...?

I now tested with a cable connection (LAN). Same behaviour

I was using Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Always same behaviour.

I think I now found the issue:
I was accessing the Rasperry via IP address.
Now I tried the local name (http://octopi.local/). Then it is working.
Why isn't the IP possible?

One possibility is that you're trying to use one of the longer (IPv6) addresses and you didn't surround it in square brackets as in http://[2601:648:8701:18c0:4eba:65d9:2225:99df].

I was using IPv4:
As you have seen in screenshots, In general Iwas able to request the pages of Octoprint, just dedicated features weren’t working.


My best guess is that it's the mapping between the name of the profile (with spaces and capitalization) and the name of the REST API endpoint (with underscores and lowercase). There's a 404 error which indicates that it can't find as an endpoint. It was suggested that using the hostname instead of the IP address doesn't have this problem.

@DoublePrint Can you confirm that one-word profile names without spaces behave normally on your installation?

I just double-checked: The only way to get it working proöerly is to go via name instead of IP address. So
isn't working as well: I cannot delete or set as default, when using IP address.

On mine when I remote into it, the ~/scripts/welcome script is run. It tells me what IP addresses it is bound to. Can you copy/paste that output here?


You might be using the wrong IP address. Review this line: (::ffff: 11.53ms

You're coming in on the .25 IP address on the IPv4 side of things and the IPv6 is a decorated .72 IP address instead. I'm thinking that your router could be short-leasing your Pi's addresses or it's issued both .25/.75 (wifi/ethernet?) or who-knows-what.