Raspberry Pi 4 bad plugin issue

I loaded the Pi 4 with the the nightly image, and it works better then I can hope for. Thank to all who worked on it. My issue is I installed the plugin called "OctoPrint-DetailedProgress" I realized it does not work with my smoothie BD and LCD configuration so I uninstalled it VIA the plugin manager. The issue is the uninstall did not work. The notice box still shows up on the web page. It does not cause any functional issues, it is just the fact I have to close the box each time I open the page. I then went in to Putty and tried to uninstall it from there, it comes back as it is uninstalled. I need help to figure out where the folders are for this plugin so I can remove it from the Pi.

Safemode might help you :slight_smile:

yes it comes up with out the box, but I need to remove the box form the GUI.

If someone can let me know the file or where the GUI is at, maybe I can edit it.

Can't you remove it with the plugin manager in safemode?
maybe it's still there?

ok I figured it out. thanks for the advice. the issue was there was 2 plugins that pushed data to the printer's LCD so it would show that display box. I re-read the descriptions of all the plugins and found the other one.


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