[request] action:print


Is found the pre defined action commands action:pause, action:resume ...but i miss action:print (or action:start_print

Sure the question is: For what you need a gcode command to start the current loaded file. Makes on the first look no sense.

I installed a LCD controller BOX and my target was to start also the current loaded file. What i have done is to create a bash script with the api request linked to a custom action command but would be nice if maybe in a future version of Octoprint a predefinded command is available to start a print.


You need Action Commands.

Is installed. And now?

Sorry, looks like you did already get it working. I wasn't sure if you were using the plugin with the script you mentioned or some other behind the scenes approach for the command. You were requesting to have that integrated by default. You could develop a plugin for it, possibly utilizing https://github.com/OllisGit/Octoprint-AutostartPrint as a base point and add a action command hook, or possibly request @OllisGit to add that as a feature...

No Problem.
Its from my side only a: Could be improved for the future request. I guess other have maybe the same "problem"