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For what it's worth, my new pet name for them is hAmazon since they recently gobbled up Whole Foods, my formerly-favorite grocery store. So now, there are Amazon Prime (only) parking slots close to the door, Amazon Prime (only) checkout lanes, Amazon shipping destination boxes, discounts for Amazon Prime members and their advertisements throughout the store.

The more I know about them, the less I like them to be honest.

CNET reported that a unanimous ruling overturned a previous lower court decision requiring Amazon to pay workers for time they spent in security check lines because it was considered part of their job and ultimately benefitted Amazon. Some warehouse contract employees reported that they had to wait up to 25 minutes as security checked pockets and purses to make sure no merchandise was stolen.

Labor is money. They're stealing millions of dollars' worth of labor every year from their warehouse employees in methods like this. This isn't a company you'd want to work for.