[SOLVED] Octolapse enabling Webcam

Hi All,

I'm new to the Forum so "Hi" to everyone first.

As I don't want to have the Cam running all the time I set up two OCTO Codes to enable before and disable after a print. The two codes are set up to be exectuted by Octoprint before and after every print. This works well without Octolapse.

When I want to use Octolapse, though, Octolapse cancells the print as it checks availability of the stream before the OCTO Code is exectuted. So I aways have to enable the cam before starting the print manually, which doesn't make sense really.

Is there any way to tell Octolapse to execute this OCTO code first to have Octolapse check after Octoprint has exectuted the "pre-print" Gcode?


Ras-Pi 3B+
Octopi 0.17.0
Octoprint 1.13.12
Octolapse latest from plug-in manager

Sorry for the late response. There is no way to do this currently. I may add an option to disable the camera test to the camera profile as a workaround. Ill post back when that is done so you can test it

Well, actually I found a solution.

  1. using ssh I created a short shell script on the pi called "startcam.sh".


sudo service webcamd start
  1. make it executable: chmod +x startcam.sh
  2. add it as "Before Print Start Script" under Preferences->Octolapse->Webcam (Edit options)

Works just fine.

I just wonder why I needed to create the script instead of just putting the sudo command in the "before script" field... doing so fails.


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