Towards Python 3 and OctoPrint 1.4.0

Hmm. I have no errors parsing the config.yaml, but I don't know what to expect either. @jneilliii Did you get this to work?

It's in the devel branch, not rc/devel branch. It doesn't resolve the issue of installing plugins from the plugin repository, so what you did using the url is correct.

Okay, brings it in here.

What's wild is that github is returning nothing for this search for code.

I clone the OctoPrint repository locally (did that earlier), just did a git pull there, followed by a git checkout devel. Went into Finder and looked for _forcedCompatible which turned up just: config_yaml.rst. It includes one entry where it's describing the layout.

If it's implemented in code then where is a good place to look for that code? I've manually searched everywhere I could think of within OctoPrint. It seems to me that it's not just a matter of reading it in via the settings bit but of also consuming that variable list in some way later in the plugin manager or somewhere else.

compatibility_ignored_list = settings.get(["plugins", "_forcedCompatible"]) in

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Wow. What is wrong with both github's and Finder's ability to find this string in text files? I had to drop the initial underscore for Finder to pull it's head out. sheesh...