Upgrade your OctoPrint install to Python 3

@Michael_514 Would you be able to provide the octoprint.log from your instance? Currently looking into why OctoPrint didn't exit with an error, if the backup was unsuccessful.

here it is, immediately prior to the update all the way thru completion, It seems to offer little diagnostic information pertaining to events outside the octoprint environment.


Hi @Michael_514, sorry for the delayed reply.
Have had a look and tested it myself, it seems OctoPrint doesn't log when you use the CLI commands. Have been through the source as well, and there is no 'non-zero' exit code when the backup fails, likely because if it was running from within OctoPrint it would break if it exited on failure. As a result, my script didn't pick up the failure in the backup (No idea why it may have failed, but that's the only logical cause) and tried to proceed.

Will be working on an update today to (hopefully!) address this and to look for some kind of error in the stdout to tell if it has worked.