Zoom button for usbwebcam

Nice find! Thanks. So it was a built in tweak feature :smiley:

Docs: http://docs.octoprint.org/en/master/features/custom_controls.html

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Well... yeahUH...


The Custom Control Editor plugin worked very well.

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I have the Logitech C270, and, it seems that my cam doesn't zoom, it only has one speed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I see... brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance temperature (what the heck is that ?) , power line frequency, sharpness, backlight compensation, exposure auto, and exposure absolute, but, nothing about zooming or I'd be copy pasting like a madman

What the heck, I tried it anyway, and got...

unknown control 'zoom_absolute'

Oh well, that's what I get for having a cheap camera

On the other hand, it adjusts from dark to light excellently, and when you take it apart you can spin the little focus knob (after you break the glue they put on it to stop you from spinning the little focus knob) so it can see perfectly right up to about two inches away, which is really cool (if, of course, you feel like manually moving the camera... hey, maybe a robotic arm. Okay, I'm a geek)

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