3D Monitor over wifi with Web Interface for your OctoPrint Server


First of all... much thanks for such awesome software like OctoPrint -- long time user and I simply love it.
Been working on this for a while and finally got around to sharing it publicly.

It is nice to be able to keep an eye on the printer from anywhere with a simple display.

  • Displays the print status from OctoPrint Server
  • Estimated time remaining
  • Time Printing
  • Percentage complete
  • Progress bar
  • Screen turns off when printer is turned off or disconnected
  • Screen turns on when printer is Operational or connected
  • Sample rate is every 60 seconds when not printing
  • Sample rate is every 10 seconds when printing
  • Fully configurable from the web interface (not required to update Settings.h)
  • Supports OTA (loading firmware over WiFi connection on same LAN)
  • Basic Athentication to protect your settings
  • Video: https://youtu.be/niRv9SCgAPk

3D Printable Case:

Source Code:

Hardware: see the README.txt for more details and links for the hardware.

Web Interface for control and configuration.

*NOTE: I saw that someone else did a similar implementation -- I have not looked at it yet, but great minds think alike.


Shot of the web interface

There are more shots in the original Source Code repo.


I think I'd have gone for a Domo or a Teletubbie there. :laughing:


OMG that is an adorable little monitor :heart_eyes:


I suddenly need some Mac-Beige filament to make a Mac Plus case to hold one
of those.