3d printer with robot arm for parts removal

Hi there,
I have implemented a robotic arm on my printer for parts removal. The robot is started via GCODE system commands. Then a camera checks whether the part has been removed or not and issues a signal, Ok or not Ok. So far everything works.
Now I'm looking for a solution that Octoprint knows that the part has been removed and the printing can start again, or the part has not been removed and the robot arm should try to remove the part again. I would also like to have a counter that I can tell how many parts I want to print and how many attempts the arm has to remove the part.
Has anyone ever done something like this here? Or an idea?
Here is a link for a video where you can see how the Robter Arm prints and removes a part.

I would be very happy to receive an answer.

I haven't seen anything but I did create a plugin that does a playlist of prints that allows for entering commands inbetween each, etc. It may fit your needs. It was developed for a sand art printer to be able to run all the time.

Thank you for your answer, I'll take a look at it and give you some feedback here.

That's an awesome system you got there :slight_smile:
Thumbs up :+1:

Thank you very much


Fantastic, this remember me the robots seen in Fiat (now FCA) when child was in visit more time ago.

You can start an 3d printed part factory!


Hello jneilliii
I'm excited about your plugin, it works great. Thanks a lot for this. The printer prints and prints ....

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Hello lan
Thank you. Robotic has a great future. I work in a company that only loads parts into the machines with robots. I am fascinated every time I see the robots working.