A very small problem with Terminal Auto-Prompt

Hi folks,
This is a trivial observation but one you might like to change. I find when I go to enter Terminal commands it prompts with the auto entries shown in the attached graphic.

It makes it looks as though I should be choosing from an address prompt to begin Terminal entries.
It is a trivial nuisance but I was just wondering if changing the charactersitics of the terminal entry line would "tidy" it up?

Best wishes Gina, I thoroughy enjoy Octoprint and its Community.

Cheers, Rob W

I don't think that menu is something native to OctoPrint. Does this also happen if you restart OctoPrint in safe mode?

My HTML/CSS is not strong but I have had a little experience, so wouldn't the name of the text entry need to be changed so that it did not conflict with the "standard" Google/Chrome text entry format for the auto-entry of my "state" details? I have tried again in safemode and it still occurs.
It is a very trivial point to be making, but it jars for me when the rest of the Octopi is soo good.

Cheers, Rob

I can not reproduce this, no such menu for me. Did you try a different browser to check?

Do you have some auto fill in activated in your browser?

Yes, But OctoPi should not be using tags that refer to the state I live in. The octoprint tag is wrong. It should not prompting me for that info. Octoprint needs a tag of its own for Google to keep info on.