A wish for a maintenance log for my printer

I'm looking for functionality or a plugin to log when I do maintenance on the printer. I have recurring problems like the x axis slipping due to a loosened belt or timing pulley or a dirty beam. I'd like to write down when these things happened and correlate it to my printer's run time so I can have a better idea when maintenance needs to be performed.

Octoprint seems like the right place in my stack to solve this, since with the print history plugin I have some amoutn of knowledge about the number of run-hours on the printer.

Has anybody seen anything like this?

PrintJobHistory is the closest I've seen to this. I do have the StickyPad plugin that gives you a place to keep notes though, which may temporarily fit the bill.

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Thanks! I've been using PrintJobHistory. I just found out I can add a "job" manually and if I make up start/end/duration I can use that as the notebook. It'll work for now.