Ability to use Octolapse to simply record without snapshots?

Hi friends. I am having a blast with my new Ender 5 Pro and Octolapse. I am running into rat tails on the print from the print head moving out of the way take the snapshot. I am tweaking things now to try and get rid of them with varying degrees of success. I have looked and can not see where I can stop the print head from moving out of the way before the snapshot. In other words simply record snapshots as the printer prints......like the default octoprint recorder does? My prints look fine without the stringing I get when octolapse is enabled.

Select the 'Disabled' stabilisation profile - that should do what you're after. The print head moving is called 'stabilisation', all relevant settings are under those headings.

Awesome! Thanks for that!

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I have a follow up if you have a minute. First of all disabling does just what I wanted but it takes the snapshot in the opposite corner that I need it to and blocks a lot of the goodness. Is there a way to tell it to take the snapshot in the back left instead of the front right corner of the image. It would be completely out of the way then. Thanks a million for your help!

That would be a different one of the stabilisation profiles, try 'Back Left'. If you don't want it to move outside the print, select the trigger as 'Snap to print' as well.

Perfect! That did the trick! Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing this information!