Accelerometer resonance testing?

Has anyone done a plugin for using an accelerometer resonance testing, similar to what's in Klipper?

I have a KUSBA accelerometer, got it working in Klipper to find the resonance frequency of my X and Y axis on my printer. To be honest, I'm not quite ready for using Klipper in day-to-day usage. I'm still more comfortable with Marlin firmware (and I've been able to tweak settings to get just around the same print speed and quality that of Klipper).

But I would still like to do occasional resonance testing with my KUSBA accelerometer, without having to temporarily switch over to Klipper.

So, has anyone thought about making a plugin for accelerometers? Or could someone point me to a command line script that just does resonance testing?

Accelerometer Resonance Testing is too much firmware related.

FYI: Accelerometer Resonance Testing is now also available for Marlin.

I understand that you need properly compiled firmware that enables Input Shaping (M593) and/or Fixed-Time Motion (M493). But getting the resonance frequency of you printer is independent of those commands, you just enter the values, either by printing a ringing tower and figuring out the resonance frequency (time and filament consuming) or using an accelerometer (quick and no printing required).

I did a quick peak at the Klipper source, and it's a set python scripts to use an accelerometer and "shake" the printer (I'm not fluent enough in Python to do much, just read it) and output the results. This is what I'm looking for, either in a plugin or just a command line.

As for accelerometer resonance testing in Marlin... WHERE?!?!?!?! I've gone through the Marlin bug-fix code and can't find anything. Please point me in the right direction.

I've simply used klipper for it. You can swap between marlin and klipper just by swapping sd cards.
I made a klipper setup with minimal motion configuration just enough to measure the resonance in klipper. Ones you have the recomended frequency and shaper you can set those values in marlin.
More info at Printables

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Oops, i mixed it up with input shaping. Sorry

You know that the Flash memory of the MCU has certain amount of write cycles?

Yea, I too have a minimal Klipper config and have swapped between them to do resonance testing.

I'm just lazy and would like to just plug in my KUSBA accelerometer into my Raspberry PI running Octoprint, and run a script (aka via a plugin) just to get the frequencies. Then enter them via M593 or M493 commands. It would be even nicer if the script entered the values for you when done.

I chose the KUSBA accelerometer because it was a USB device, so I wouldn't have open my PI case every time and plug in an accelerometer to the GPIO pin header.

It would incredibly awesome if someone the programming skills would pick this up and run with it. Sadly, I don't the programming skills to do it myself.

Also because of what Ewald_Ikemann said that there are a limited number FLASH memory writes for jumping from firmware to firmware. It's bad enough that I've been helping by testing firmware for my printer to expand it functionality by enabling more of the Marlin features. I've been flashing the firmware quite a bit lately :hushed: