Access to URL parameters

Is it possible to access URL parameters, e.g. http://octoprint.local/?myPluginParam=foobar within a plugin?

You mean from the python side? Context of the question may be helpful.

Yes on the python side. I want to pass a parameter to the plugin via the URL. To be specific without the detour over JavaScript.

You may have a look on this plugin how it can work:

You're probably looking for something like route hooks. It allows you to redirect specific paths to your plugin side.

An example of its usage can be seen here in my Thumbnail plugin. I believe part of that callback will pass request object as a kwarg which you could get the parameters from, but don't quote me on that.

Another possible option is using SimpleApiPlugin mixin and using a get request. An example of that option can be seen here in my BLVLogger plugin.

You might have to explain the use of this a bit more. If you want to know the URL parameters when the core UI is loaded, then there is a different method vs. what has already been shown, a custom path that you can pass query params to.

I am struggling to see the need for finding query parameters when the UI is loaded, so a clearer explanation of why you need access to that would help.

I don't want to discuss if I need this, I just wanted to know if it is possible. Because clients must be registered on the backend to receive data updates I thought it might. But I guess the answer is no. Therefore it looks like I have to get the parameter on the frontend and send it to an API endpoint on the backend. Thanks.

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