Achievement unlocked, unfortunately

OK, I really thought having Achievements in Octoprint was a lame idea, until now...This is funny.



Thought it might be the thermister in the heat bed. I happen to have a spare, swapped it out. No go :frowning: All wires are firmly attached, followed into box. Connector is secure, looks like the mainboard is fritzing.

Can't really complain. Its a TAZ 5. Gotta be 15 years old by now. Lots of mods, but maybe its telling me it time to move on.

I also have a Taz 5, and I've replaced about everything over the years. The base is a solid frame for customization. My current challenge is that the extruder design is so big and heavy, it is limiting my options. Next up is adapting the system for a more modern extruder.

Good luck!

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