Actions + Curl + Power On - Octoprint Crash?

Hi - I have Octoprint setup with Ophom which allows me to toggle printer power. This plugin is working fine with no problems and I can toggle printer power from Octoprints web interface.

I want to be able to do this via mobile on Octopod and I see two options -

  1. Using custom controls
  2. Adding an action
    Both of these will automatically appear in Octopod

So - If I try and add an action with the command - curl "http://localhost/api/plugin/ophom?action=toggle" to config.yaml. This appears up fine but when I run it - Octoprint crashes.

Logs show -
octoprint failed with return code -15

If I create .sh and set to run that, I get the same thing.

Crashes in the sense that Octoprint ends up restarting.

Any ideas or pointers on how I would fix this?