Add ability to upload .zip files

I would like the ability to upload .zip files in addition the the file types already allowed.

Often there are requests for .log files which lend themselves to significant compression.

I wanted to provide an set of files as an example to answer a complex issue. This set of files included an .stl file and multiple .gcode files. Neither .stl nor .gcode are allowable file types and it was a set so a .zip seemed appropriate.

Huh... gcode, gco and g should already be allowed. You say that didn't work?

I just added stl and zip to the list of allowed extensions as well.

(PS: I misunderstood your earlier PM on that and thought you meant allowing zip files as uploads in OctoPrint. Sorry :laughing:)

If .zip files are not allowed, then I believe that .stl and .gcode are appropriate file types for this forum. Please add the ability to upload them.

I merged the other topic in here. As I wrote above, GCODE should already have been allowed for a while and I added the other two.

What would be cool is if we could use Github's embedding for a 360 view of the STL part, once uploaded.

The embedding code here on Discourse would be something like this:

<script src=""></script>

@OutsourcedGuru That would be great! Maybe with an option like "open in new window" or "embed"

I have to admit that with the GDPR looming on the horizon the word "embedding" in combination with an external third party service is currently causing a strong "AAAAAAH" reaction in me.

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I actually had to Google that. Jeez, the EU certainly has a lot of time on its hands for coming up with new forms of bureaucracy.

Maybe we should all move our businesses to countries like... the Marshall Islands. And then as website after website moves offshore, the U.S. and the EU will back off and allow us to go back to doing business.

And opening new attack vectors for litigation lawyers to try to blackmail money of random people, which is what I'm way more worried about at the moment than the official EU privacy people.

This whole GDPR situation is a bloody nightmare, has cost me days already, will most likely cost me even more, and might even make a forum move to another hoster necessary since the current one is in the US and I so far haven't gotten a solution for the necessary DPA form.


Whenever government and lawyers cook up something stupid, the grassroots efforts often use countermeasures of some kind to combat all that. The standard open-source community which you're dealing with here should be open to innovative "fixes" to this sort of stuff...

Perhaps: "By using this website, you understand that your private data will not be sold or otherwise abused by us in exchange for the value that you receive in visiting this website. Fair is fair, though: since we are providing a free solution for your printer BY USING THIS WEBSITE YOU AGREE NOT TO MAKE ANY CLAIMS WHATSOEVER REGARDING GDPR REQUIREMENTS. If these terms are not agreeable to you, please do not use this website."

It looks like I'm not alone in this suggestion, btw.

Others - such as Twitter, Fitbit and Yahoo - have told members that simply continuing to use their products will be interpreted as agreement to the tweaked conditions.

The problem isn't the users of this forum :wink: The problem is a subspecies of lawyer running rampant in Germany which specializes on digging up web sites not (fully) adhering to some kind of regulation (like GDPR) and then sending them cease and desist letters due to interfering with commercial competition. And dealing with this can eat up a ton of time and also money.

Torches and pitchforks...? ha