Add material used to Cura


I spend some thoughts of enhancing a still available filament manager to better support Cura, as I am printing with the nice OctoPrint integration of @fieldOfView and like to avoid logging in everytime to the OctoPrint GUI to for example to select the filament used.

So a question to @fieldOfView : I did not find a function to add material used to the GCode, material GUID only. Checked a list created by you and also did some search. So perhaps you can add it to the OctoPrint plugin to add material name and color to the GCode file send to OctoPrint.


Please open an issue at Issues · fieldOfView/Cura-OctoPrintPlugin · GitHub, or I will likely loose track of this request. Also the more information you can add about what my plugin would have to do, the better.

Done. Added a Cura request also but it is more related to OctoPrint. Without it could be used to check for which material the GCode was created so also helpful...

Linked the GitHub-Issue:

@fieldOfView : Updated my PlugIn that custom metadata can be made visible in OctoPrint. Can be used for other PlugIns as well... thanks for the enhancement....