Add support for raspberry pi camera V3

Add support for raspberry pi camera V3

I'm assuming that camera is supported in the newer bullseye raspberry OS, which the Octopi 1.0.0rc4 version is based on. You will still more than likely have to install a different streaming service on the pi, like camera-streamer or go2rtc because of the IMX chipset.

I've been 2 days trying to configure this camera for Octoprint and I've been unable, both as in the stable version as in the bullseye based nightly, I've tried different ways and solutions like the camera-streamer and I can only get it to work in the terminal, but not in Octoprint, has anyone got something else?

If you get it working in terminal I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to get working in the OctoPrint interface. You will definitely have to disable the webcamd service for starts. I know Char in the OctoPrint Discord server got it working with an IMX219 camera.

This guys instructions worked for me.