Adding a custom HTML page


Is it possible to add a custom HTML page to Octoprint? I would like to create a functionality that:

  • requires only HTML, JS, CSS and no server side logic,
  • requires a full webpage,
  • utilizes existing Octoprint functionality, e.g. read temperatures or extrude now,
  • ideally does not require an additional login, but uses the existing authentication session of Octoprint.

So my plan is to create a new webpage, and let Octoprint to host it from the same origin, and the page call the same backend endpoints that the current Octoprint UI does.

I don't want to set up another webserver just for a simple webpage, so can I create a page that will be served by the Octoprint webserver?



Check out the bottom of the article. This project was looking very promising, but the developer stopped responding to me.

He did however make a custom landing page to connect to 4 virtual instances of octoprint. I was able to get that part working, and it was awesome!!


If you really want to serve it from OctoPrint's built in server: Not without writing a plugin. If that is an option, take a look at the BlueprintPlugin mixin.


Thanks for the link, Brandon. This is a very interesting article, and if I understand correctly the author used Nginx to host that landing page. I'll try that, but I was hoping to find a simpler solution.


Thank you, Gina, I'll check the plugin development docs.