Additional data on temperature chart


I am planning to add extra sensors to my 3d printer that will measure step-motors' temperatures and DC voltages from power supplies. I will have scripts running on Raspberry Pi collecting these data and writing it into text files.
So my question is - is it possible to create a plugin that would "tail" these files and present the values on temperature chart in real time, or this will require the changes to Octoprint core.

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As of now, this would require changes to the core application since it's not yet possible to add additional sensor values to the graph from plugins. However, this is a feature often requested and currently on the roadmap for 1.4.0


Thanks Gina! Do you have ETA for 1.4.0 ?


No. Regular maintenance throws too many curve balls to be able to communicate an ETA. I try to spend about half my time on development of the next big version (which right now will be 1.4.0), but that doesn't always work, and there's another big big work package scheduled for 1.4.0 that has to be tackled first.


Here are some issues that track this:


Thanks to you both. Looks like this feature has been requested by many users. Will be glad to test it once 1.4.0 is released and report the results.


I'm looking forward to it too. I've designed a couple of boards (pi add-ons, mostly) that'll look great on a timeseries graph.


I also designed and built the board that

  • measures e3D hotend temperature and can switch e3D fan on and off when the temperature crosses preset threshold
  • has connectors for 8 1-wire temperature sensors
  • measures DC voltage from 4 sources (24V, 15V, 12V and 5V)
  • can control 2 additional fans.


Nice- we're on a similar wavelength, apparently. Of course, I'm just now getting back to my smd oven, trying to guess on good values for the PID :confused:


Nice. I am old school - still hand-soldering everything :older_man: