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fyi: I added a new Feature to my DisplayLayerProgress-Plugin (Version 1.4.1)!
Now it shows all M117 messages in a Desktop-PopUp...yah..it's not a new idea....but it looks fancy and it stays instead of showing multiple popups!

What do you think?




Looks alright to me. :+1:


ALL M117 messages ?

What about ones in the middle of a print, where it's not just a height message ?


[quote]M117 Printer is paused. It is time for some real human intervention/[quote]

What would happen then ? Would it just update, and keep the screen, then go back to height messages ?


ANY message which is sent to the printer is shown in the "Desktop Printer-Display"!
It updates/changed each time a M117 is sent. And because the Height-Message is also a M117 command, so yes it goes back to the Progress/Height/Layer message.

@Spyder By the way: Is it possible for you, to sent such long message (you mentioned) to your printer?


No, messages to my printer LCD screen get cut off at about 15 or 16 characters. However, the longer messages do get printed fully on my computer screen, as well as getting spoken

I've not (yet) looked for a limit on messages to my computer screen, or to messages being spoken


Nice gimmick :sunglasses: but (IMHO) on the wrong place.
On the right side there would be much more place without covering up so much other information ---


Nice @OllisGit, I like the approach, similar to my M117NavBar plugin and not as obtrusive as my M117PopUp plugin. Keep up the good work.


@BerndJM The bottom right side was my first choice, but when you open the settings page the "cancel" "save" button were hidden.
Maybe in a later version I add a setting-option to choose a location.