[Advertisement] Filament change time (M600)

I received a feature request from @brandonscholet (https://github.com/OllisGit/OctoPrint-DisplayLayerProgress/issues/115) about implementing a "FilamentTime Prediction" based on M600 gcode.

In the newest release (1.18.0dev) of "DisplayLayerProgress"-Plugin you can now output: changeFilamentTimeLeft, estimatedChangeFilamentTime and changefilamentCount
It looks like this:

Of course you can also put all provided informations in the browser tab (since 1.17.0):

But...or because my Printer doesn't support the M600 command, the implementation is only tested with dummy g-code. That's the reason why the release is marked as "Pre-release" in GitHub and with a dev-postfix.

I NEED YOUR HELP, please test the new release!

Edit: You can use my DryRun-Plugin, so you don't waste energy/material.

You can download it via this url:

Thx, in advance

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