Always losing network connection running Octoprint - workaround

Hi guys,

I have RPi 4 4GB and Ender3-Pro.
I had experienced much confusion in 3D printing, because of constantly losing my network conection while printing. After 5-10 minutes, Pi connection was unavalaible through every network interface - eth, wifi.
Yesterday I made a webcam stream and I've noticed, that youtube stream is still on, and I can't connect to my local Pi.

So I dig deeper, changed connectivity check settings and here's the deal:

Check interval: 15 min
Host IP: I had and changed to my router's gateway IP (like
Port: 53


Test both, to be sure.

Since this change, I made 4 successfull prints in a row, and my Pi running 48 hours straight now, so this workaround solved my problem.

For the record, that way you've kind of defeated the purpose of the connectivity check, which is supposed to check if OctoPrint can reach the internet. Now all it does is checking whether it can reach your router. Pinging your router is probably what is preventing some powersave function from triggering, so you should rather investigate in that direction if you actually want to solve the problem instead of applying duct tape to it.

OK, I've changed it, currently pointing out to my Internet provider's DNS.

Also, Pi had Internet connection, because it was streaming on youtube and I had no possibility to connect local Pi instance - eth nor wlan.