Am I missing a location to set a signature?


Clicking around the site, I looked through my profile but don't see any way to set a signature. Not looking to do a busy signature with clever little sayings and stuff like that, but it seemed worthwhile to be able to share a link to my Thingiverse account (or similar) on my messages. Having seen some overdone forum signatures, I can certainly understand if it's not an option.


You aren't missing anything. As far as I can see discourse doesn't support signatures and - considering my memories of early 2000 message boards with pages of animated GIFs in the signatures - I'm kinda glad about that to be honest :smile:

But you can add stuff like this into your bio in your profile. Or we could add another custom profile field like the printer one. Not sure though if that can be made to auto link.


Yeah, I've often referred to forums as "the place information goes to die... or at least hide very effectively" and a big part of that is all the extra junk. Hadn't thought about the Bio, that's a good location for that type of stuff. Thanks!

Yep... bio is perfect. When you click on a user's name or pic in a conversation, that info pops up.