AM8 Printer Running Octoprint


Metal Framed version of the Anet A8 Using Octoprint to control it.

This printer uses a couple of relays hooked up with GPI to turn the printer and lights on and off remotely. Done the standard way with editing config.yaml and some shell scripts

Pause Button/Cancel Button, Filament 'issue' detection using the fantastic enclosure plugin. The yellow pause button also resumes the print.

Led lightstrips with custom printed brackets.

Buck converter with led voltage readout to ensure proper power going to the pi.

External wifi antenna to get better connectivity out in my shop.

Covered channels in the extrusions used for cable management.


That's really impressive looking!


LOVE IT. Never got the drag chains to work how I wanted so I removed them, but yours look good. Is that a filament run-out sensor only or is it a filament diameter sensor??



The drag chains actually seem to work pretty well on this. Need to use different power wires than what came on the standard a8. The insulation on the standard a8 bed wires were a little too brittle and couldn't cope with the bending. I replaced them with some nice flexible wires of a thicker gauge.

That detector is a runout/jam detector. It's on a spring so if the filament jams up and causes the extruder to pull too hard, it will trigger the same as if the filament runs out. Using the enclosure plugin, I have it set to just do the same thing as a pause, or the pause button on I put on the control panel.

Basically, It will lift up a few mm, run to the corner and way to be resumed.