Ambient Temp in Temperature Graph -


Goal: Logging / Graphing enclosure ambient temperature.

Case: Prusa MK3. E3D Cartridge thermistor connected to T1 Temp Sensor on Rambo. Sensor mounted in the enclosure.

So far: Tried 2 extruders in Prusa FW & OctoPrint as the hook is in place for T1. Not practical with the amount of editing required in the Prusa FW just to expose T1 Temp.

Added this to Configuartion_prusa.h

M105 Returns : ok T:255.2 /255.0 B:109.9 /110.0 T0:255.2 /255.0 @:43 B@:109 P:76.7 A:61.0

Suggestions on best path to explore?