Anet A6 - Display - Completion Bar Graph


I know this sounds silly... but I come from Repetier Server land, which I really love, but it's slow development cycle, and lack of plugins has me constantly jealous of OctoPrint users. I have 2 issues with OctoPrint, that have steered me away, just because I'm really picky... One of which I will ask about here... :slight_smile:

With Repetier Server, my Anet diplay, properly updated the % completion graph, and displayed the xxx% number in text just above this bar. (I can get pics if needed)

Sadly, this has been ignored in OctoPrint software, and somehow integrated into the status line, rotating with a bunch of other info... It can't be that hard to address the on-board %-complete-display that's built into Marlin software, can it? (I haven't had time to see if this was done with G-Code or how they achieved this...)

Well, it sounds silly, but I would LOVE for OctoPrint to use the full functionality of my display, so I felt like my printer was included in the fun... Repetier Server does this flawlessly, I'm really surprised this is not working in OctoPrint already to be honest... Maybe in the next version? :wink:

We're talking about the LCD display on your printer (rather than an LCD display that's physically attached to your Raspi), right?

If that's the case, it sounds like you want OctoPrint to update that remote display, presumably by sending gcode (M117/M73) or something.

Raspi -> remote display not physically connected to your controller board: plugin
Adafruit's write-up of Raspi -> remote display with TouchUI not physically connected to your controller board: write-up
Send status updates to the physically-connected LCD on the controller board: plugin
Another: plugin
Another: plugin


Yes, correct. The Built-in display on the printer it's self.

I think you have found it! M73 commands are missing (?) - Thank GOD for plugins!! LOLz

I think the 2nd link you listed for the physically connected display -- "M73 Progress" will be my fix! (i'm still running a print from this morning, so I'll update shortly and let you know!)

But thank you in advance, I think you have my answer!

Well, the plugin isn't injecting the M73, as it claims it will do... so I'll mess with that, but when I manually send an M73 to the printer, it updates the graph, and adds the % complete just above, as expected!!

Thank you! ... Now if I can just figure out a 3D display like Repetier has, I can totally ditch that server setup!

EDIT: Rebooted the server, and now it's injecting M73 as it should. - Solved!