Announcement: OctoPrint On Air #30 LIVE

Considering the current situation and the challenges of social distancing, I’ve decided to make the next OctoPrint On Air broadcast a live event for everyone interested, whether a Patron or not, to virtually get together as a community ❤

It will air live on Friday, March 27th at 17:00 CET on YouTube (you may convert this to your local timezone here) and I hope many of you will join me there:

If you have any burning questions about OctoPrint, working on it or whatever else you’ve always wanted to ask me (note that I’ll take the liberty to deny answering things I don’t want to answer 😉), you can send them in via this form and I’ll do my best to answer them. There’ll also be a live chat during the event that I’ll keep an eye on and where you’ll also be able to ask away.

If you are curious about the format, you can find all public past episodes in the OctoPrint On Air Playlist.

OctoPrint On Air is a roughly monthly live broadcast done by me (Gina Häußge) for all Patrons on the Patreon campaign pledging at the $5 perk or above. Attendees can ask questions which will be answered on air and I also report what’s been going on in the background, what happened, what the current challenges are and what the near future holds, plus talk about whatever else might be interesting in the world of OctoPrint.

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Hyyyyyyype :octopus:



Is there any google Calender add ?

No need. Google already knows about it.

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I did a little happy dance when @foosel said she's (considering) switching to Cura because of my plugin :smiley:

I would post a graphic of Snoopy but... GDPR.

Is this what you are talking about? Projected at 11 hours but 20 hours remaining? My identical but opposite Left Part was same file size, had same 11 hour projection but took 14.5 hours to print. This Right part, same file size with same projected 11 hour print time but expected to take 10 more hours??

I used latest version of CURA![right side is same as left but opposite and has same projection in cura but octo says 24 hours.

Left 1B projected at 11 hours with print time remaining at 14h and took 14.5
CURA projected 13 hours.
Right 1B, identical part with identical size and identical projection in Cura, is projected at 11 hours with 21 hours remaining.

Just curious what I am doing wrong to get this totally different print remaining time from projected time.

nuclearnco at gmail dot com aka Jon

right side is same as left but opposite and has same projection in cura but octo says 21 hours