Any idea what, in Thor's name, these lightning bolts are?


They showed up after I downloaded then removed a few plugins (E-Stop Settings, Editor Collection, Firmware Updater, Slic3r, TP-Link, Smartplug, Tasmota, TouchUI, Octolapse, OctoPrint Anywhere, and Preheat Button...sorry, just wanted to make sure I included all of them). I'm pretty sure it's a leftover artifact from "Preheat Button", as I never actually found the button til I noticed the two lightning bolts. All that being said, is there a way to rid my header of these spinning (yes, they spin when you click them) icons? The plugings have long since been removed. Thanks in advance!IMG_3920


It's entirely possible that they're related to your Raspberry being in an under-volt condition so it's probably a good idea to verify that it's not.

Perhaps easiest would be to click it to see if it's a link and see where it takes you.

And then, you can right-mouse click and then choose Inspect (if you're in some browsers) which allows you to investigate the underlying HTML. Sometimes this tells you what it is.


I'll certainly check that, but from what I understand, the "bolt" is not where it would normally be in a low voltage situation. When clicked, they spin but take me nowhere, which leads me to believe they are a leftover artifact. Right clicking does nothing.

Ed: Right clicking actually did the trick. Looks like it's part of a plugin I still have installed; TP-Link. I'll have to wait until this 11 hour print is done to know for sure. Thanks for the suggestion!


Those are either from my TPLInkSmartplug plugin or Tasmota plugin, or both. Seems like you may not have completely uninstalled them. If the plugin is truly removed then you should be able to force a refresh by holding down the shift key while you press the refresh button in your browser.


@jneilliii already solved it, but just for the record: Starting with 1.3.10 you'd be right (since that will add under voltage detection to OctoPrint), but right now that's not built in yet.

Will look like this (with fixed typos :stuck_out_tongue: ):


Very nice. Don't forget that /boot/config.txt needs an edit since it may be currently toggled off.