Anycubic Predator and Octoprint from Jay's Blog

I have Octoprint working on my Folger Tech Ft-5 Cartesian Printer.
I cant get the SD feature to work but it's not necessary for my purposes.
Regardless, I got the T-shirt to celebrate that success.

Subsequently, I find that OP Does NOT work on my Anycubic D. ( formerly Predator )

Then I found this comment and proposed Plugin / FIX.

Can I expect that "fix" to become a regular or approved Plugin any time in the future ?

Or is there some other RESOLVE for the "D" / Predator dilemma.

SSH is something I just cannot wrap my hear around at this time.
And I used to do Linux but it's been awhile since retiring in 2002.
Apparently I have not kept up enough to grasp all these new IDE's etc.

My Predator is a NEW version Anycubic D with the Trigorilla 32 bit card
and chitu programming ( I am told )
My only way to print now is via the SD card and it's slot is a cheap non toggle type.
I am afraid it will fail at some point in the future and I then will have NOTHING !

My Pi is a new Pi 4 with 4G - purchased for Octroprint purposes only.
My PC is an old win7 box from HP. wiht 16 GB ram 1 TB HD.
It performs well with CAD, Simplify3d etc etc.

Thanks for any assistance, encouragment or outright Fixes !


If you have Windows 7 workstation then PuTTY is your ssh in this case. If you installed OctoPrint to the Pi4B by flashing the convenient OctoPi image, then the ssh service is already running on the Pi whose hostname is probably still octopi.local.

Unfortunately Windows out-of-the-box doesn't include support for the Avahi name-broadcasting service (also known as Bonjour in macOS terms). So you might be challenged attempting to just PuTTY to your Pi using its hostname. Read this for some work-arounds.

Thanks for that enlightenment.

Eventually I opted for the hosts assignment method as I knew the current tip address

to make that entry into the hosts file.

WOW I had not edited one of those file since oh around 2002 !

Shazam !!!

After getting puTTY to work I entered all those commands outlined in Jay's blog and

it appeared to work ... as in, no complaints

So before I go off to experiment with my Predator connection I am taking the time NOW

just to say Thank you !

the rest is up to Jay's input.

C U L8r