Anyone else getting ready to run the new RC?

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Anyone else getting ready to load up 1.3.9rc ?

I have made an image of my octopi "drive" and that way I can drop back and punt if needed.

For those who do not know. If you are running windows and Raspi you can "clone" your entire SD card that way you have a total image should anything go wrong.

Lots of tools that do this, but I personally like


Its free and it is simple.

Shutdown your rasbpi. put the SD card in your windows machine. Name the place you want to store the ISO and click "read" wait for it. Do a verify after if you want, and you are good to go.

you now have a "snapshot" of your entire file system that you can restore to if you ever need to.

1.3.9rc ...hereeeee I come! :slight_smile:

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Being on a Mac, I love ApplePi-Baker for cloning images since it's at least twice as fast as any other method I've used. It seems to use a lower-level driver to bypass journaling in OSX, for what it's worth.

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Great. There is a good Mac option now too. I assume ApplePi-Baker allows you to read in addition to write. I say that because on windows Etcher is a great tool too, but alas it doesnt allow you to read; only write to SD cards.

ApplePi-Baker allows you to create zipped versions to back things up (reading) and to restore those images (writing). I've seen it run four times faster than the native dd command line on a Mac.

Not that I still use it, but it also allows you to install the NOOBS image. So if you wanted to image any of the numerous alternative operating systems, then you could play with those. (Try the Windows 10 IoT Core image if you like Microsoft.)

I dont "loooveeee" MS. It just happens to be what I do most of my pi work on (at work)

I mentioned Win32DiskImager because I assumed (maybe wrong) that most people are running windows (or mac)

All this is fun on Ubuntu/Linux, btw. Pop the microSD in there and it auto-mounts both partitions in two different File Manager windows.

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Lol. so true..........